Sunday, August 23, 2009

Geoffery D. Falk

Like bridges all over a state or country you can check them out personally or you can consult a tour guide.

I would like to present Geoffrey D. Falk, (just as I have used John White as an guide to give a basic sketch of the variety of spiritual, teachers, guides, messiahs and/or atvars), as a guide to the possible bridges you might cross in your journey of Self discovery.

This book strengthens my resolve to see no man as a guru, messiah or life long teacher but simply as bridges on your journey of Self Discovery.

However, let's note forget to acknowledge any genuine ray of enlightenment.

Book: The Science Of The Soul: On Consciousness And The Structure Of Reality by Geoffrey D. Falk.

Numerous books have been published over the past few decades on the subject of the apparent similarities between Eastern philosophy and the ideas of the "New Physics." However, without exception, these writings have failed to address the real meaning of "As above, so below": that the macrocosm of the universe is mirrored in the microcosm of the human body, and that the archetypal patterns of structure on the causal and astral levels of reality have their lower reflections on the physical level of being. In The Science of the Soul, Geoffrey D. Falk corrects this significant oversight. Drawing equally from yogic, Buddhist, Christian and Taoist sources, Falk shows that it is only by considering the detailed structure of the cosmos and the microcosmos that we can understand both the unified message which the scriptures have tried to convey, and their precise relation to the physicists' understanding of the physical level of reality - in particular, the ideas of David Bohm and Itzhak Bentov. I endorse whole-heartedly the road you have traveled. Light is a - perhaps the - powerful entry point to Spirit, and you ring the changes on it well. It's a book I would like to have on my shelves to refer to. Huston Smith, Ph.D., author, The World's Religions Combines ... astutely some of the great wisdoms of the spiritual world with the emerging understanding of the physical universe. Dr. James Fadiman, Board of Editors, The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology As a heroic journey of the mind into the mysterious realm of consciousness and maya in a vehicle fitted with the wheels of modern science and powered by the engine of yoga, the book merits a close study. S. Srinivasachar, The Ramakrishna Institute.

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