Saturday, August 22, 2009

Evelyn Underhill

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A brief introduction from
John White's; What is Enlightenment? Exploring the Goal of the Spiritual Path.

"Ignorance of spiritual laws is bondage; knowledge of spiritual laws is freedom; application of spiritual laws is wisdom." The full fruition of spirituality-wise, dedicated, and loving service that aims to elevate human consciousness-is described in Evelyn Underhill's classic, Mysticism, as "the unitive life" It is characteristic of the mystical ascent to godhead that inner experience is translated ore and more into outer behaviour because the mystic sees that in reality there is no such division as "inner" and "outer. " They are simply different aspects of the One Great Truth of Existence. The `God realised person sees the "seamless garment" of Being and, seeing it, quite naturally brings his or her activity more and more in alignment with that awareness. Amid the diversity of activities they may persue , there is unity because they see that all is God and ther is only God.

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