Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dr`Alfred Aiken

"The fact that Life is forever means that death is never." - Alfred Aiken

Here is a wonderful little sentence that packs a punch...forcing one to look again at the concept/existence of Lifes eternality and the enigma of what is commonly perceived as 'death'. This teacher presents us with God being the Totality/Fullness/Allness of and now...forever being. 'Death' then must not be actual and only to our limited, dualistic, finite senses appears to be a phenomena of nature as we see things pass.... come and go from our vision. However if we look to the Absolute, the ONE, the Ever-living ALL who is 'God'...who fills the Entirety of BEING...being ALL that IS.....then death is only relative and does not exist in the One Divine Being that God IS...the Living Universal ONE. This gives us great optimism to look forward to the continuation of consciousness as Infinite Intelligence forever plummets the depths and heights of MIND....exploring, creating the unending dimensions of Light in Infinite Space. If Life is indeed forever....then death is only a passing phenomenal appearance in the realm of relative perception...but non-existent to the Universal ONE. (quote above taken from the book 'NOW' by Alfred Aiken, pg. 186)

Alfred Aiken Discussion forum on Absolute Reality

One of the most profound and peculiar teachings I have discovered are those of Dr. Alfred Aiken - he taught a philosophy concerning the All-ness of God and the nature of Truth, Reality, Mind, Spirit, Being, Intelligence.....these being terms denoting the All-Supreme ONE...who is the I AM that I AM. These teachings are very high and are re-cognized in the Consciousness of the ALL....springing from the premise of God being the Only Mind that IS. Website: from

"That Which Is" by Alfred Aiken

Look at the Self I Am! What a glorious Beauty, Being, Identity is mine; the Eternity, Infinity, Continuity of my Self; the irrefutability of my Perfection; the breadth, depth and indubitable accuracy of my Wisdom; the ever-availability of my Intelligence! This present Conscious Awareness does not detract from my all-inclusive Knowledge, Truth, but gives God the full measure of glory, power and honor that belongs entirely, exclusively to Him. It is the measure of adoration that Infinite Intelligence is individually bestowing upon Himself as the One Altogether Lovely -- The Alone One who can know no other.


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